Activities In Hung King Temple Festival Source. Alotrip

The Hung Kings Commemorations 2023

The 10th day of the third lunar month every year is a special day that reminds the Vietnamese about the Hung Kings’ Merits who contributed to building and preserving the country. It is an annual festival that reminds the Vietnamese of our nation’s roots. When performing worship rituals, there are usually music, offerings, and a […]

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HOME24H Co., Ltd ESTABLISHMENT 10th ANNIVERSARY 24/04/2012 – 24/04/2023

There are many important Vietnamese public holidays in April 2023. The opening one is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Home24H Co., ltd establishment from April 24, 2012, to April 24, 2023. Home24H Water Hyacinth Handicrafts Company would like to sincerely thank our customers, established partners and employees who have supported and accompanied us […]

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Home24H’s Trip to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet on April 1st – 2nd, 2023

Vietnam is currently at the beginning of summer – a great time to relax in the cool seawater. Last weekend, Home24h Co., ltd had a trip to Mui Ne beach, Binh Thuan province, Phan Thiet city, Vietnam with our dear family. We had a relaxing time after hard working days. In addition to swimming, Home24h […]

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The Story of Vietnamese Water Hyacinth Handicrafts

Water hyacinth grows a lot in the deltas and rivers of Vietnam. At first, water hyacinth was thought to be an invasive plant because of its coverage. After realising its advantages, water hyacinth weave became a traditional profession that improve the economic situation of local people. When grown to about 60cm, water hyacinth is cut […]

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  “We choose ACCELERATION – Orienting business strategies on digital platforms in the VUCA era” x Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency V – Volatility U – Uncertainty C – Complexity A – Ambiguity Vietnam’s economic growth target 2023 After the Covid-19 pandemic, the world economy, production and trade activities have undergone many changes. According to Dr Nguyen Dinh Cung – Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM), despite […]

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Happy International Women’s Day 08-03-2023 – Home24H

Everything that exists in the universe needs a balance of yin and yang as day and night,  the moon and sun, men and women, etc. Therefore, Equality is required to construct and develop a sustainable society. Although the movements for gender equality are widely propagated, the issue still persists in our society. Figure: Survey results […]

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Sản phẩm của Home24h: STORAGE TRAYS & RACKS (Khay đựng đồ, giá treo)

THE VARIETY OF VIETNAM’S TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFTS  Besides other storage products, a tray is also one of the must-have items in every home. This is the ideal furniture for keeping things organized and clean as well as expanding our house and office spaces. With a compact design, trays are easy to store, decorate, or carry any […]

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Sản phẩm của Home24h: LAUNDRY HAMPERS (Rương đựng đồ, quần áo)

Do the indoor furniture and clothes make the home space messy and untidy? Or the obsession with cleaning up and finding lost items? Do not worry, Home24h is here – we specialize in distributing handmade products from natural materials such as baskets, hampers, and trunks in various categories. Depending on the intended use, the products […]

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Sản phẩm của Home24h: STORAGE BASKETS (giỏ đựng)

“Storage Basket” is an familiar item that has been used for a long time by every family all around the world. It is commonly used to keep the living space is neat, tidy, clean and is easier to find our possessions by sorting the things into different baskets. Moreover, it can also be used as […]

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