The Hung Kings Commemorations 2023

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The 10th day of the third lunar month every year is a special day that reminds the Vietnamese about the Hung Kings’ Merits who contributed to building and preserving the country. It is an annual festival that reminds the Vietnamese of our nation’s roots.

Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương (1)

When performing worship rituals, there are usually music, offerings, and a sacrificial board consisting of dignitaries who will be the celebrant. In addition, we often decorate flags, music, costumes, and sacrifices. Commonly used items are cows, pigs, fruits, candies and especially “Bánh Chưng – Bánh Giầy “ (sticky rice) which are two Vietnamese traditional cakes. Furthermore, the cakes have their own meanings along with national history.

Activities In Hung King Temple Festival Source. Alotrip

According to folklore, Bánh Chưng is square, has specific angles and shapes that belong to the yin, so it symbolizes The Earth in which there are both animals and plants. Thus, a full-flavoured banh chung symbolizes a bountiful harvest and a full life. And Bánh Chưng represents affluence and well-being due to its filling flavours such as glutinous rice, fatty meat, green beans, and is wrapped in dong leaves.

Goi Banh Chung

Bánh Giầy is a round shape that has no specific angles, so it belongs to the yang and represents the Sky/ Heaven. Therefore, Bánh Giầy is usually white and not filled.

Banh Giay Ngon Cung Le Vua Hung

“On December 6, 2012, The Hung King Commemorations was known to the world when UNESCO recognized the “Hung Vuong worship belief in Phu Tho” as a representative intangible cultural heritage of mankind.” (Topicanative, 2023)

This is a pride of the Vietnamese nation. It is not only a reminder of the nation’s roots but also a custom that brings about the good cultural values of Vietnam. National festivals always bring people together, show solidarity and share love with each other.

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