Home24h Production Capacity

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Home24h Production Capacity.

Metal Factory Size: around 2,000 square meters, a lot of designs with many shapes. Iron frame will be powder coating with black, white, brown …metal frame basket size 3.0 – 3.5mm. Metal frame laundry basket from 3.2- 4.0mm. Metal frame chair and table is thicker than, it is belong to designs and shapes.

Powder coating Machine Powder coating Machine Powder coating workers Dry room for iron frame
Metal frame finished Metal frame finished Metal frame finished Metal frame finished
Metal-iron frame of trunks Metal-iron frame of plastic pot Metal -iron frame of a basket set Iron frame of a chair
Metal frame of a plastic basket set Metal frame of a high basket set Metal frame of a drawer cabinet Metal frame of a tray

Home24h Production Capacity. Warehouse for materials: It is around 1.000 square meters. We can load around 50 tons material per month. Water Hyacinth and bamboo is main materials for weaving. 

 Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo
Bamboo Water Hyacinth material Water Hyacinth material Water Hyacinth materials
Dry Water Hyacinth material Wooden frame material Wooden frame material Wooden frame material
Water Hyacinth Braid material Water Hyacinth Braid material Water Hyacinth Braid material Water Hyacinth Braid material

Home24h Production Capacity with Warehouse for final products: around 3,000 square meters, loading around 15-20* 40HC containers per month. Handmade Baskets will be dry under shine or dry at fire-room. After that we will pack them in carton boxes with labels as customers requests. As below we dry products under sun after finishing the weaving.


Annual Output Value: Around US$1-$1.5 Million

Number of Workers at warehouse -full time: around 10-15 people

Number of Worker at warehouse -half-time: around 20-30 people

Number of Worker at Village for weaving: Around 50,000 people

Home24h Production Capacity – weaving workers. Most of them will be weaving in iron frame or wooden frame, and make them to a good designs, attractive quality…with a final baskets very well. Final products will be check one by one before pack them in carton boxes. 

Production Equipment and Facilities: 5

Quality Control: In House

Main Products: Storage Baskets, Laundry Hamper, Liner boxes, Natural tray, Handmade Bins, Magazine Rack and holder, ….Most of them made from Water Hyacinth and Seagrass, with metal-iron frame or Wood frame.

Units Produced (Previous Year):  500,000 sets/pcs

Highest Ever Annual Output : 5,000,000 sets/pcs

Home24h Production Capacity- packaging and loading: we will pack the products as customer request, and here is some photos of packaging, silicagel, a thick paper put inside carton box, they will be help to protect the goods very well for moving and trucking.

Carton box Sili-cagel put inside of baskets & carton Baskets wait for packing Hangtag for basket
Finished packing of Carton paper cover products A basket set put in carton box basket sets
a 40″HC container Dry, no sweet, no hole and no broken Loading cargos Loading cargos
loading cargos finished loading clock container clock container and move to port of loading

Carton boxes with 5 layers for big carton size, It is for large carton with big products.

And carton boxes with 3 layers for small carton size, and it is for small products.

Label/ Hang-tag: We will hang them as customer request  by hang-tag print in Vietnam or sending by customers.


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